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During childbirth

Dress / pajamas

During the childbirth, the expectant mother will be most comfortable in free, cotton clothing, allowing unhindered regular checking the mother and child.
GowniesThe best option is something like a nightgown, but not long. Ideally, special clothes for childbirth, with buckles on the chest and back. It’s very convenient both: in the case of natural childbirth and during surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages:
+ Easy to put on / take off
+ Possibility to put a baby on chest
– The possibility of buying (practically unavailable in stores, but can be ordered online)


Some women feel more comfortable in a robe. It can be worn during the childbirth, but preferably over a dress / pajamas  to be easy removed when it becomes hot.


Disposable pantiesDisposable diapers and panties
Also during the childbirth it’s convenient for you to use disposable panties. They are cheap and help to avoid stained clothes at the beginning of the birth, when you can see the first vaginal discharge. However, when the discharge increase, it is desirable to change for the diaper panties.


Best suited homemade slippers or flip-flops. The second option is more practical, because It allows you to take a shower or bath during the childbirth or while sitting on a fitness ball under running water. As you probably know, water and fitness ball helps you to relax and slightly dull the pain caused by contractions.

Disposable kit for deliveryThe disposable kit for childbirth
Sure thing, if you give birth in hospital. This is special pack that includes a disposable diaper and others. You can purchase it at the hospital or in some pharmacies. But it’s easier to get in the hospital, because you can always find it there.


Clothing for the person supporting you during the childbirth
For a person accompanying the future mother during the childbirth fit any clean and fresh change of clothes, and indoor shoes/ slippers. Special pack of clothing and shoes to participate in childbirth can be purchased in the hospital as well.

After childbirth

Suitable any comfortable clothing not putting pressure on the abdomen. This can be pajamas, dressing gown or sport wear, most importantly, without tight elastic bands.
If you give birth in the hospital, you and your child will have a number of medical checks and thus movement around the maternity ward. Please keep this in mind when choosing clothes.
Also, your clothes should be comfortable for breastfeeding. In the early days your baby will eat quite often, so it is more convenient to wear something allowing unbutton the chest when needed.

nursing braUnderwear
After the childbirth, you will need a special bra for breastfeeding. Here you can choose in advance any feeding bra you like. You can buy it in a hospital shop and in a number of stores for kids and expectant mothers.
Also prepare classic pants with elastic bands sturdy enough, because you will have to fix them rather large pad below.

Shoes and socks
You will need all of the same house slippers and socks, preferably cotton. And if you have very cold feet, and can be wool.

Bandage thing is absolutely necessary after giving birth! And regardless of whether you are or giving birth by caesarean. It almost did not speak, but it helps to keep the internal organs which were moved during pregnancy and after childbirth, as well as to remove belly fat faster. Since ancient times, women who give birth tightly bandaged in the abdomen in order to maintain the shape.
Postnatal bandage is of several types:
Elastic, with wide elastic bands;
Velcro – it recommended after a cesarean, but can deliver a certain discomfort in the joint area, especially in moments with lifting bed.

When you select a band you need to consider the size of the clothes you wear and the size of the stomach, which after birth is still quite large.
Buy a bandage may be in store for expectant mothers, some pharmacies, as well as in the hospital.

More info about bandages here: https://familias21online.com/kak-nosit-skolko-nosit-i-nuzhno-li-nosit-bandazh-posle-rodov-luchshij-bandazh-posle-rodov-otzyvy-foto/