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Hygiene products

What hygiene products you’re gonna need in hospital during the childbirth?

Towels – You’ll need one large towel for showering and one-two small for the hands, face.

always maxi padsDiapers – special postpartum diapers, which are much thicker and larger than the standard. After the childbirth, you will be just in such a need, because in the early days the vaginal secretion is very abundant.

breast padsBra Pads – Small pads required during feeding. Especially needed when feed with milk instead of colostrum (usually on the third day after birth). Because during feeding with one breast milk pouring from the other.  Also, if the chest is full there might be a “leak”.

pampers premium care oneDiapers for the baby
You will need about 20 diapers of a first size. The most suitable for your products you can find by trial. If you notice severe irritation appearing on your baby skin, try other one and will notice the difference quickly.

This is something that will save your baby’s skin, because it perfectly relieves irritation, redness, etc. You can apply cream each time after a child poop, or even more often if needed. If there is very strong irritation, when changing diapers, apply a thicker layer of cream, which will take longer to be absorbed healing the skin this way.

Wet napkins
huggies baby wipes natural care_with_aloeWhen changing diapers, you will need baby wipes. You can use any, but the i found best Huggies with aloe because they are very uniformly impregnated and made of good paper, not some paper interpretation.

Baby soap, shampoo, towel
In the recommendations of the hospital these items are present, but I would say not used due to the fact that baby wash is not recommended during the first few days.

calendula shampoo and bodySoap / shampoo can be any, but preferably with the lowest concentration of chemical components, such as shower gel / shampoo Weleda.

calendula baby oilBaby oil
Oil is necessary to moisturizes dry skin, as well as for the lubrication of the folds on the body of the baby. Most suitable is the one containing calendula oil, because it reduces skin irritation.

Personal hygiene items
Do not forget to bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotions, shampoos, and all you need to look fresh and beautiful!