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milk eggs and healthy food on a table

When you give birth in a hospital, you most probably will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. But strictly on time and without a special menu for vegetarians, vegans, etc. This should be checked in advance with the place you are planing to give birth in. But for sure you can prepare some food for take away with you, wherever you go 🙂

Take at least two litres of still water and a mug. From food better to choose something neutral, such as yogurt and a muffin or bread/sandwich.

If you prefer breastfeeding, be careful with berries, C vitamin (fruits) and red vegetables, as it’s not so good for your little child. It’s better to avoid use of this products during the first week after the childbirth.

You will need still water and food especially during first hours after birth, because your body will loose huge amount of liquid and energy.

evian water 6x500ml