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How to dress up the baby right after the childbirth?

During your stay at hospital, you will need at least 3-4 sets of cotton clothes for the baby. Most simple solution is bodysuit with long sleeves and legs. Make sure there are buttons from feet to neck, so it is quick and easy to open.

Of course, you can also use tops and bottoms separately, but it will require more effort to change diapers (every 3-4 hours).

Additionally, bring 2-3 hats, mittens and warm socks. While hat and socks will keep body warm, mittens will safe baby from scratching.

If you have a beautiful set for the statement, grab it with you too.

newborn sleepsuitsNewborn Bodysuits
newborn mittsNewborn Mitts
newborn hatsNewborn Hats
newborn socksNewborn Socks

All clothing for the baby, even new, should be washed and ironed!