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What hygiene products you’re gonna need in hospital during the childbirth? Towels – You’ll need one large towel for showering and one-two small for the hands, face. Diapers – special postpartum diapers, which are much thicker and larger than the standard. After the childbirth, you will be just in such a need, because in the early days the vaginal secretion is very abundant. Bra Pads – Small pads required during feeding. Especially needed when feed with milk instead of colostrum (usually on the third day after birth). Because during…Continue Reading “Hygiene Products”


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When you give birth in a hospital, you most probably will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. But strictly on time and without a special menu for vegetarians, vegans, etc. This should be checked in advance with the place you are planing to give birth in. But for sure you can prepare some food for take away with you, wherever you go 🙂 Take at least two litres of still water and a mug. From food better to choose something neutral, such as yogurt and a…Continue Reading “Food”


How to dress up the baby right after the childbirth? During your stay at hospital, you will need at least 3-4 sets of cotton clothes for the baby. Most simple solution is bodysuit with long sleeves and legs. Make sure there are buttons from feet to neck, so it is quick and easy to open. Of course, you can also use tops and bottoms separately, but it will require more effort to change diapers (every 3-4 hours). Additionally, bring 2-3 hats, mittens and warm socks….Continue Reading “Babies Clothing”

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During childbirth Dress / pajamas During the childbirth, the expectant mother will be most comfortable in free, cotton clothing, allowing unhindered regular checking the mother and child. The best option is something like a nightgown, but not long. Ideally, special clothes for childbirth, with buckles on the chest and back. It’s very convenient both: in the case of natural childbirth and during surgery. Advantages and disadvantages: + Easy to put on / take off + Possibility to put a baby on chest – The possibility of buying (practically unavailable in…Continue Reading “Women’s Clothing”