Baby changing

Many young mothers ask themselves: What kind of baby diapers are better? Should I use disposable diapers, reusable or diapers? How often should I change them? There is no unambiguous answer to these questions, because it’s very personal. But, of course, using disposable diapers is easier than reusable diapers. But reusable diapers are more breathable. How often to change? The optimal timing for an infant (up to 6 months) is before or after each feeding, and for older children before / after the sleep, and after each crap…Continue Reading “Diapers”

baby cradle

Is the cradle or crib convenient for your new born? Cradle is very convenient if you are breast-feeding mother and do not want baby to sleep in the same bed with you. Also if your bedroom is too small to put there baby bed, cradle is a good choise. Because during the first time (approximately 6 months) baby eats quite often. And young parents, especially mother, need get up every time to feed the baby. Besides, it’s a pretty heavy load on mom’s back. Because you…Continue Reading “Cradles”

Cot Beds

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Baby crib

Cot beds Cot beds are mainly designed for kids ages 0 to 4 years. Choosing a cot pay attention to the material it’s made of, as it’ s very important for your baby health. It should be natural or eco friendly wood, because child might gnaw the bed sometimes. As for the design, almost all of them are standard with no fundamentally difference. So you can choose the one more suitable for the room interior and space. 🙂 The basic necessary functions for cots are: Adjustable…Continue Reading “Cot Beds”