Cot Beds

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Cot beds

Cot beds are mainly designed for kids ages 0 to 4 years. Choosing a cot pay attention to the material it’s made of, as it’ s very important for your baby health. It should be natural or eco friendly wood, because child might gnaw the bed sometimes.

As for the design, almost all of them are standard with no fundamentally difference. So you can choose the one more suitable for the room interior and space. 🙂

The basic necessary functions for cots are:

  • Adjustable height of the mattress.
    Usually there are 3 positions: the highest is used for the little baby not yet able to sit and rise (about 5-6 months), then the mattress is lowered so that the child, in case of standing could not climb over the railing.
  • Sinking railing.
    Some cots are lowered one side, others – both. Very handy if cot provides an opportunity to take out a few rods banister. This helps the already grown kid to go to bed / get up from the cot when he wants to. In some beds for this purpose it is possible to lower the railing to the level of the mattress, or just take them out from one side.
  • The wheels on the bed legs.
    Absolutely necessary thing, because often a first bed is located close to parents, and later in a separate room. Also, there are times when baby daily sleep prevented by background noise, and with the presence of good wheels, you can easily move the bed to the quiet place, or change location of the bed in kid’s room (can influence the sleep quality).