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Baby changing

Many young mothers ask themselves: What kind of baby diapers are better? Should I use disposable diapers, reusable or diapers? How often should I change them?
There is no unambiguous answer to these questions, because it’s very personal. But, of course, using disposable diapers is easier than reusable diapers. But reusable diapers are more breathable.

How often to change?

The optimal timing for an infant (up to 6 months) is before or after each feeding, and for older children before / after the sleep, and after each crap discovered.

Which brand to choose?

As for the manufacturer, you need to evaluate the price/quality. Below you can find examples of the most popular products.

Disposable diapers

One of the most popular brands because of its availability and advertising. There are two main types:
Pampers / Pampers active baby – not expensive, but, unfortunately, many children are allergic to them.
Pampers Premium – a bit better and more expensive, but also not suitable for all kids. Nevertheless keep in mind that starting from the size 4, diapers-pants are much thinner and pleasant.

The price in middle. Almost all disposable diapers of this manufacturer fits many babies. At least when you touch them and check after it’s full, it feels more natural. But here you should bear in mind that if you have a thin child, starting from the 4th size, diapers-pants become are not so convenient anymore, because badly fits the body on the waist.

Price is similar to Huggies. More affordable than Pampers, but do are less popular among young mothers. Quality is quite good.

They also have good diapers-pants for bathing, even though in water they are not needed so much. Because usually kids are so keen on water procedures that they don’t even think about have going to the toilet 🙂 Such diapers are quite comfortable, if you decided to visit a spa, public swimming pool or just to run on the water together with your baby.

One of the cheapest disposable diapers, and at the same time quite good. Oddly enough, often fit children, who are allergic to Pampers. In 4 sizes of diapers-pants have wide elastic band, suitable for children of any body build.

Moony (Japanese)


Reusable diapers

Now in the market you can find a fairly convenient option of reusable diapers. Their advantage is that they are made of textile, which allows the baby’s skin to breathe. But they have to be changed more often than disposable diapers.

They are usually of two types:
1) Fully tissued diaper
Convenient because the size is not fixed and can be used as your child grows.
This option can be combined with disposable diapers, putting on the second for periods of sleep of the baby. Thus, the young mother will not have to wash so often and disturb the baby with changing.

2) Tissue diaper with disposable liners
A little easier to use than the option above, because it’s enough to change the liners, and you do not have to wash it so often. But, accordingly, it is no longer so “breathing”.