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baby cradle

Is the cradle or crib convenient for your new born?

Cradle is very convenient if you are breast-feeding mother and do not want baby to sleep in the same bed with you. Also if your bedroom is too small to put there baby bed, cradle is a good choise. Because during the first time (approximately 6 months) baby eats quite often. And young parents, especially mother, need get up every time to feed the baby. Besides, it’s a pretty heavy load on mom’s back. Because you have to constantly raise / lay down the baby, but also carry in your arms. Having the cradle located right next to your bed or “Side” cradle, it will be much easier to handle the nights.

In addition to this baby will feel in the cradle much more comfortable than in the crib. After all, in his mother’s belly, he was cramped, but at the same time cozy and warm. And it’s not so much space in cradle as in crib.

Another plus of the cradle is that some of them are easy to lull. That’s very convenient for parents and loved by kids. 🙂 Mainly this option is used on normal cradle, on “Side” cradle such a possibility is not seen. Therefore, you need to decide what is more important to you: the opportunity to lull the baby, or the ability to take it out from the cradle without getting out of your bed.

When you choose a cradle, pay attention to the material from which it is made and on the strength, so that the mechanisms are durable and reliable. It’s preferable to choose eco materials, to protect your baby health.

The only minus for the cradle is that toddler grows out of it pretty quickly.